Juten Tach! Ich bin Jennifer.

I'm a User Experience and Interface Designer, crafting digital & physical puzzle pieces.

This is the hot website of Jennifer Gunther, User Experience and Interface Designer.
I specialize in mobile, adaptive, and app design.
Based in Denver, colorado
Customer-centric Leasing
Online Interior Design
User Research, Validation
Elevating Printed Goods
Content Marketing System
Race Management
Magnet Spheres
Search for Ridesharing
Customizable Menswear
University of Colorado
Nonprofit Health Care
Colorado State University
Quality Baby Food
Women in Tech
Personalized Herbal Care
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I'm inspired by clear, organized flows.

Maybe that's my German side
I come from a German American culture where organization is highly valued. I was also taught that having one tool that did its job superbly well was worth its weight in gold (and we want gold).
In order to organize, we ask questions about purpose, use, frequency, audience, size – evaluating creative intentions alongside business objectives and pain points. It's more than a trend!

Together we can undertake the challenging work of design iteration to ship more soothing and enjoyable tools.

Recent projects

Power Pro

2017 – 2019

UI, Product Design




Kind words from former collaborators

2003: started working on websites professionally...

to give a sense of timeline
...with that iconic early 2000's style, inspired by craigslist, emerging CSS galleries, and an art-school atmosphere of interdisciplinary design. Front-end development, ambient audio creation, animation and 3D work in Blender were just a few of the digital medias I dabbled in. Today you'll still find me dipping into leisure-time creativity, like drawing hulls in Tilt Brush, exquisite-corpse-style with friends, looking futuristic in the Oculus Quest VR headset.
In 2008 I started my freelance business, which I've been focusing on recently as well. I was hired by my first venture-funded startup in 2010, learning the dance of agile product & development teams. From that point, I began to specialize in user experience, interface, information architecture, application and product design.

Thrillingly, since 2016 while freelancing, I've gotten to work with 6 high-level UX and Product designers on myriad projects – each perspective helping me grow beyond what years of Medium articles and UX Podcast have provided in terms of training. It all adds up to a lot of experience, having been lucky to get a start in this industry relatively early.

Kind words from former collaborators

by Ryan Spohn, UX Lead at Google Drive

Jennifer is a exceptional cross-disciplinary designer. I worked with her to lead the design team at SafetyWeb, as the company matured from an early stage startup through acquisition. Jennifer understands the underlying principles of design, the methods and tools for creating good user experiences, and has the aesthetic chops to deliver brilliant visual treatments.

Jennifer has an innate ability to listen, read between the lines, and asks the right questions to help the product owner refine and understand the core problem they are trying to solve. She fosters a collaborative environment between the product and engineering teams, and then proposes, not dictates, appropriate user experience solutions. She welcomes the exercise of iterative refinement based on team feedback and learnings from user research. The resulting work speaks for itself.

She was a fantastic design colleague, and challenged me to do my best work.

by Anne Murphy Sirois, Principal Marketing Operations at Medtronic

Working with Jennifer taught me about the power of details in design. I create content, and for my work to be truly successful, it requires powerful visual elements that carry the reader from one page to the next, that give the viewer a sense of the topic in a glance, that create a consistent feel and style. Jennifer was able to do that with our content.

During the creative process, she asked me questions about each asset that led to a deeper understanding of the context for and purpose of the piece. Jennifer then integrated these learnings into her work, transforming my original vision into something incredible.

by Bonnie Bladen, Asst. Dir. of Creative Communications at CSU

In Jennifer's UX design process, quite simply, there is a place for everything, and everything is in its well-thought-out place. Her charming demeanor is easy to work with and matches her design aesthetic.

by Mike Lewis, Head of Product at Airbnb Lux

Jennifer joined Kapost in the early days of the company. For over 2 years, she was responsible for building the UI and UX for the entire site and she did a great job. We frequently received compliments as to the look and feel and usability of the services.

She's incredibly thorough and will go deep on your design, thinking through all the details to ensure that it looks and operates great.


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