Based in Denver, Colorado

My core career zest is in helping businesses revamp their approach or develop new products and services.

About me

My process involves thinking through changes - evaluating adjacent details, flow, natural language and content - while maintaining momentum and a clear view of the big picture.

In 2003 I began working in tech, designing & building websites and interfaces. 16 years later I'm more fascinated than ever by the craft of digital design and what goes into successful products and services.

I've created information hierarchy through the mediums of SMS, email, chat bot, wayfinding, touch-screen kiosks, digital signage, iOS apps, as well as web apps ranging from desktop, laptop, and tablet breakpoints through the smallest mobile screen size determined necessary. I've worked with Colorado B2B companies such as Athlinks Services, Kapost (acquired by Upland Software 2019), B2C endeavors Havenly and Artifact Uprising, digital product research and strategy firm Frontside (now 15 Degrees), high-impact dev firm Big Compass, startups like SafetyWeb (acquired by Experian 2011), and helped modernize approaches for in-house Higher Ed design teams (CSU, CU Boulder, CIRES and NOAA).

I co-host Ladies that UX Denver.

I also enjoy writing, mentoring, being mentored, traveling, evolving my practice and further educating myself in design as well as the mechanisms of the world we inhabit.

Skills + Process

Product positioning
Discovery, research, evaluation
Problem statement, aligning on goals
Lo-fi concepting, writing, whiteboarding
Experience, prototyping, break points
Information hierarchy, typography
Brand board, palette, hi-fi visual treatments
Component library, deliverables to dev
Design system framework & maintenance
Tracking – i.e. KPIs, usage; debriefing

Tactical tools

I modify existing – and write – snippets of
HTML5, CSS3, and basic JS.

I use the above with browser inspect to define front-end dev work, evaluate page load, and report bugs.

Writing, Sorting, Maps, Flow Charts
Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
Balsamiq, Sketch, Craft, InVision, Zeplin
Webflow (for micro-animations)
Material Design
65 wpm, 97% accuracy
UX Podcast, UX Book Club

Recent experience

Power Pro
Lead UX/UI Designer
July 2017 – present

UX/UI Designer
May 2018 – October 2018

Frontside (now 15 Degrees)
UX/UI Designer
August 2017 – December 2017

Artifact Uprising
Product Designer
June 2017 – January 2018


University of Colorado at Boulder
Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts: Digital – 2007
Technology Arts & Media Certificate – 2006

Colorado State University
Supervisor Training – 2015
Models and Fundamentals,
Legal Considerations

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