Overall Process

Not every project incorporates a full UX or product-development process, nor every supporting artifact; here are some of the best bits of process I've touched, from end to end.


I used this Content Strategy research documentation as a test to clarify or validate assumptions around Call to Action language.


Beginning of interview questions and script I helped create for in-person user testing.

Fun user feedback I collected in researching an objective, "Learn About Brand," for a celebrity-backed new brand release, left and below.

"I'd like recommendations from Willie. Like, 'This one's great for late-night TV. How cool would that be!?" – Longtime Fan


It's crucial we remember our customers are real people. Brand guidelines and personas should ideally inspire empathy. We must consider the motivations and goals of our users, and try to understand them. This is a persona that informed my work at Artifact Uprising – it doesn't contain an imagined photo of the user, but describes her reality and shows the products in context.

Experience Map

Using Adaptive Path's resources on experience mapping, I led a workshop to uncover pain points from customer-facing teams and illustrated the experience for a Distributor of the [brand] below. I matched a sitemap to align with site objectives that would improve the experience, and these became important to the overall brand roadmap and vision discussion, as this brand faced a service design refresh.

Problem Statement

Problem statement in the form of a design brief.


Sketching color coded by function.


For a site where search is a necessity, wireframing Type Ahead functionality as a preview for developers.

For a stakeholder who preferred sketched-looking Balsamiq, a linked pdf with easy-entry layout and user starting point shown below.


Preparing iPad low-fidelity, draft mocks for a click-through prototype on InVision, via Sketch and Craft.

Interaction settings and fully-functional linking on Artifact's editor prototype.

Success, or Learning from the Process?

"Never say die." – The Goonies

Possible "sign" of success: digital signage work featured in Four Winds Interactive's College Engagement & Real Client Solutions gallery.

Aesthetically-pleasing design work, but these detailed visual designs I produced for a startup were immediately sold and absorbed into a large company, and within months the product we'd labored over was taken offline.


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