Overall Process

Not every project incorporates a full UX or product-development process, nor every supporting artifact; here are some of the best bits of process I've touched, from end to end.


I used this Content Strategy research documentation as a test to clarify or validate assumptions around Call to Action language.


Beginning of interview questions and script I helped create for in-person user testing.

Fun user feedback I collected in researching an objective, "Learn About Brand," for a celebrity-backed new brand release, left and below.

"I'd like recommendations from Willie. Like, 'This one's great for late-night TV. How cool would that be!?" – Longtime Fan

Experience Map

Using Adaptive Path's resources on experience mapping, I led a workshop to uncover pain points from customer-facing teams and illustrated the experience for a Distributor of the [brand] below. I matched a sitemap to align with site objectives that would improve the experience, and these became important to the overall brand roadmap and vision discussion, as this brand faced a service design refresh.

Problem Statement

Problem statement in the form of a design brief.


Sketching color coded by function.


For a site where search is a necessity, wireframing Type Ahead functionality as a preview for developers.

For a stakeholder who preferred Balsamiq, a linked pdf with easy-entry layout and user starting point shown below.


Preparing iPad low-fidelity, draft mocks for a click-through prototype on InVision, via Sketch and Craft.

Interaction settings and fully-functional linking on Artifact's editor prototype.

Success, or Learning from the Process?

"Never say die." – The Goonies

Possible "sign" of success: digital signage work featured in Four Winds Interactive's College Engagement & Real Client Solutions gallery.

Beautiful design work, but these detailed visual designs I produced for a startup were immediately sold and absorbed into a large company, within months the product was taken offline.


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